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Content Feeder: Find Social Media & Marketing News turned 3 today!

Content Feeder: Find Social Media & Marketing News turned 3 today!

Marketing 101 Paradigm Shift: 4 P’s to 5 P’s

I don’t know about you, but I get so caught up in the latest and greatest marketing technologies coming out and or the latest marketing buzz word (can you say content marketing) that I often times forget about going back to the foundations of marketing to lead the way in creating new marketing strategies for new clients.

The influence of the internet has even changed that approach a bit for me. Well, it seems many other marketers have also changed their approach too. Many marketers have talked about the marketing paradigm shift from the traditional 4 P’s of marketing to the 5 P’s.

What about you? Please read more at via Torben Rick at Meliorate. Let me know what you think here in the comments if you want. Peace!

Don’t settle on short term results for long term value via @jcuene #TSLBOOTCAMP
Content is fire. Social Media is gasoline. #storytelling #socialmedia #marketing

I recommend checking out #TweetNMeet on twitter. A great way to start authentic relationships on a social channel! #human #connection #P2P #H2H

You should really pick up a copy of Dave Eager’s book “The Circle”. What happens if big brands control everything? #marketing #message #branding #socialmedia

Social Media is a tool. Not the message. #TSLBOOTCAMP #NEIDTWRITER
Great moments are born from great opportunuties! #USMNT #1N1T #Let’sDoThis #WorldCup2014
Crafting a strong Personality Document

"A consistent brand is key to successful communications" via @lkpetrolino at A great review/reminder for brand developers!

Does Your Data Have Soul?

Read from the Harvard Business Review. Data alone doesn’t cut it when you want to reach the right audience with your brand story via @carminegallo